Night of Steel

Here we are again, an English post! And once again it concerns a concert from a certain band from Germany, called Dawn of Destiny…

Last Saturday, the 26th of September 2009 we went to Dortmund, Germany for the concert. Weeks before I had asked my sister if she wanted to come, since public transportation isn’t really an option late at night, and she was willing to do so! She used to listen to metal some years ago, so she doesn’t not like the music, although she prefers other styles now.
We left at about half past two in the afternoon, and left to H’wijk, to pick up Vera. (The ‘we’ up until this point were my sister, Femke and me by the way :P) and then we left for Dortmund! On the way there we listened first to Nightwish, Dark Passion Play and after that I think Oceanborn, because my sister knew that one as well which was a bit nicer for her ofcourse. And as a last we listened to Rebellion in Heaven, to get completely in the right mood. (not that it was really neccesary, but still :P)
We decided to eat at the Burger King and were smart enough to go to the toilet Γ‘fter we bought our food, so we still have our 50 cent coupons XD We’ll just have to save them for next time!
Well, after that it wasn’t long before we arrived at the “Bahnhof Mooskamp” without our good friend TomTom we would probably still be driving around and searching πŸ˜› It looked really nice, all kinds of old trains it really created a nice atmosphere! We had to enter the actual location through a train. Vera or Femke immediately spotted Jens (a bandmember) outside, but we had to get our tickets first! Apparently someone made a mistake because it said we still had to pay for our tickets, but I guess I was quite convincing, because we were allowed to walk on, and they would check it with someone. That someone later brought us the tickets ^^
When we stepped out of the carriage, Dirk (the keyboardplayer) was already there saying something like “Oh! The Dutch fans have arrived!” and he immediately spotted my new selfmade bandshirt πŸ˜€
After saying hello to some of the other bandmembers, Dirk lead us to the merchandise stand where they had three copies of Human Fragility, signed and ready, lying ready for us! Yay!
After looking at and in it, we payed for them, (and for a CD for a friend of mine who couldn’t come 😦 )
After that we asked if the whole band could gather in one place, so we could hand them the gift we had been working on the weeks before: a new website, with new layout, and a Dutch translation and everything. Fortunately they like it! They even linked to it on they’re own website already! πŸ˜€
Not very long after that the schoolband that won a competition started to play. It sounded quite nice, considering they were so young it sounded even better! When they finished we decided to go to the bathroom, and off course there was a waiting line πŸ˜› We weren’t the only DOD-fans waiting anxiously though, so that was quite funny.
When we were all finished, we picked our spot in front of the stage, on the right side where there was still some free space left. During the first song (Silent Suffering) I had my camera with me and tried to take a nice photo of each bandmember, only most of them were hidden in the smoke at first, and after that I was enjoying the music too much to care about photo’s πŸ˜› When the song was finished I handed the camera to my sister, who took loads of photo’s! They can be found here.
I sang along with all the songs I knew, (all expect for the ones from the new album) end waved with my arm quite a few times. That always feels awkward in the beginning, when there aren’t many people doing so πŸ˜› Vera and Femke were windmilling a lot, but I don’t do that, and with my dreads I probably would have been bald by now πŸ˜› During one song I really felt the urge to jump, like I do at almost every concert ever since I went to Within Temptation in Ahoy, but to be jumping alone is also very awkward, so I poked Vera in her arm and ‘signed’ to her that we should jump! So the next refrain we started jumping πŸ˜› The band looked like no-one had done that before, but it felt so nice! It is a really nice way to really experience the music πŸ˜› after a few songs Tanja (the singer of the band) even jumped a little, which was really funny πŸ˜€
(it was also funny when she accidentally sang a wrong part of the lyrics on Ending Dream πŸ˜› First I thought I was wrong when singing along, but when I saw her face during the second verse I was quite certain πŸ˜› Apparently no-one else noticed it, but I thought was really funny πŸ˜› )
They played 10 songs, which was quite long but stil waaaaay to short off course πŸ˜› After they finished we walked to the opened doors, I was completely out of breath XD Oh, wait, in the meantime we saw that a member of the fallen Angels got a playlist, and Vera spotted one that was still on the stage. So I literally stole it right from under the nose of the base player of Solar Fragment πŸ˜€
The rest of the evening was very nice as well, we spoke with some people, other fans, bandmembers and about everything and nothing. From the website to the new CD of Sonata Arctica and many other things.
Oh before I forget: They played Inquisition! The days before the concert I was repeating quite often “I hope they’ll play Inquisition!” and they did! Yeah! According to Tanja they don’t play it often, so we were lucky!
When the band that played “een na laatste’ (uhmm, first before last? XD) was almost finished, I talked to Patrick (the drummer) a little and we wanted to make a picture, but his battery was empty! So I fished out my own, and in the end it ended up as a very nice groupsphoto!
After that half of them left, as did we. We didn’t really know the last band, and CC didn’t want to listen to them because of some anti-Christianity lyrics, so we went!
We arrived in Lelystad somewhere round 2 o’clock in the night. We slept in de house of Femke’s sister. She had already made everything ready for us, that was so sweet of her!

Once again a very very nice concertday! The concert itself, the talking, the reaction to the website, the small applause we got for coming, everything! It is totally ‘voor herhaling vatbaar!’ which means something like ‘a good thing to repeat one day’ but nicer and better :P.